If you wish to hire me as a freelance designer and/or web programmer, please e-mail me at pat@patfp.com. You can also contact me on Twitter or Instagram.

NOTE: Serious enquiries only. Unless you’re a close friend of mine, I generally will not work for free. Also, keep in mind any time differences (I live in the Eastern timezone).

E-mail me.

Experience in design

  • Self-taught in Photoshop since Photoshop 5.0 (Currently on Adobe Photoshop CC 2019).
  • Web programmer since 1999 (XHTML, CSS, PHP). Web developer has been my day job for about 8 years. I mainly use Adobe Dreamweaver 2019 and Notepad.

What I can do

  • General graphic design.
  • General web design.
  • Web programming in a WordPress environment or straight XHTML/CSS/PHP.
    • I can manually install WordPress if need be.
    • I can code “Must-use plugins” and custom shortcodes in PHP.
    • I can also do WordPress theme customization.
  • Twitch TV related work: OBS overlays, panel graphics, offline images…

What I can’t do

  • I can’t draw (I’d have to start over from scratch and relearn everything).
  • Motion graphics.
  • Video editing.
  • Certain Twitch TV related works. Specifically, emotes and sub badges (You’re better off seeking out a traditional artist for these).
  • Also, I’m not the most proficient in Adobe Illustrator, but I have some familiarity with it.


  • I live in Montréal, Québec, Canada.
  • I maintain a fashion blog called Mediational Field (FASHION IS MY PASSION!)
  • I stream video games and very soon, graphic design projects/tutorials, on Twitch TV.