NOTE: Please click the images below for a larger, higher quality image (If available). The latter are watermarked to prevent theft. Thank you for your understanding.

As a Twitch partner, Lynnee was able to produce a limited-time apparel line (Courtesy of Teespring). As an avid Hearthstone player, she requested a design that showed her love for the game. Affectionately dubbed “Hearthy”, the image not only was used on different types of shirts but also as part of Lynnee’s Twitch TV branding.

These are various image elements used with the program “Open Broadcaster Software” (OBS). OBS is used to livestream video content in conjunction with Twitch TV and other similar services. The graphic files are combined with gameplay footage and sometimes a webcam to make what is called an OBS overlay. Of note, the three left images in the full-sized preview were used with OBS’ Image Slide Show feature, which has built in fade in and fade out transitions.

These are panel graphics made for Lynnee’s Twitch TV account. Information about a stream and/or streamer can be displayed below the video feed using straight Markdown language, images or a combination of both. In this case, I wanted to see if I could create the panel headers using just fonts and colours. Basically, I wanted to use imagery as little as possible unless needed (Which was the case for the “P.O. Box” and “Revlo Rewards” panels).