I used to draw quite a bit when I was younger, so I’ve always been into creativity and art. As I grew older, traditional drawing fell by the wayside in favour of Photoshop and digital art. I became mesmerized by the works of Shepard Fairey (Of Obey Giant fame), Jasper Goodall (Artist turned photographer) and Takashi Murakami (Still my all time favourite artist), especially by their broad use of colours.

Myself, I’m a huge typography and logo fan. My graphic design is more focused on fonts, spacing, colours and basic patterns/shapes.


Twitch TV is a video game livestreaming service. I don’t play video games as much as I used to, so streaming old games allows me to relive some good memories. There is also a visual component to livestreaming which gave an opportunity to spend hours in Photoshop getting the creative juices flowing. I have as much fun creating visuals for the channel as I did streaming.

If you’re interested, you may visit my channel using the following link: 514 on Twitch TV

Lynnee is a partnered livestreamer on Twitch TV. She occasionally requests graphical work, ranging from t-shirt designs to information panels to overlay adjustments.

You can find her channel via the following link: Lynnee on Twitch TV

Here are some miscellaneous art assets for Twitch-related content.

Design work specifically made for physical printing.

Here are some other graphic design works that don’t fit any particular category or are just small, one-time projects.

Graphic design works that eventually never got used or random projects I started just to learn and get some practice in.