In 1998, my parents bought our family our first real, modern desktop computer (A Compaq Presario running Windows 95!) I absorbed myself with the internet, making website after website (My very first being a crude fansite for the PS1 cult classic Xenogears). I still web program to this day and it’s my current day job.

Though online content has moved on to WordPress and other content management systems (CMS), I’m not a huge fan of pre-built CMS templates. Convenience and cookie-cutter layouts can never replace the charm of old-school web design.


This was my blog about fashion in gaming and animation media. I don’t write for it anymore as I honestly don’t enjoy writing, but it’s still a source of pride and joy! It’s powered by a backend WordPress installation.

I programmed almost all of the website myself in PHP, CSS and HTML (Using the BlankSlate WordPress theme as a theme template).

Other features include custom WordPress shortcodes to make content updating easier, DISQUS comment integration and a custom loading screen. It’s even responsive-like, as the site looks different across desktop browsers, iPhone/smartphones and iPad/tablets.