NOTE: Please click the images below for a larger, higher quality image (If available). The latter are watermarked to prevent theft. Thank you for your understanding.

“MOD CITY” is the Twitch community of partnered livestreamer, music artist and freestyle rapper theRealShooKon3 (Highly recommended listening!) I did a series of rebranded concept logos based on the original design (LEFT).

In February 2017, Twitch TV launched a user community feature with the intention of grouping similar broadcasters, before retiring the feature in 2019. Design-wise, there are two areas of customization, the first one being the community avatar (600 x 800 pixels). Four separate images were created for the following communities:

  • The Official Twitch Creative Graphic Design Community
  • Grasshopper Manufacture
  • Space Shooters
  • JRPGs (Japanese role-playing games)

In addition to the previous example, a community can also have a cover image (1200 x 180 pixels), much in the same vein as a Twitter header. Like the latter, the image gets dynamically resized depending on the size of one’s browser window, so having any important information set towards the centre was essential.


Servbots are characters in the “Mega Man Legends” series of video games. A streamer came up with the idea of a Servbot emote based on the “Thinking Face” emoji. Of course, being a huge Mega Man fan, I jumped at the opportunity to bring this idea to life.


Much in the same vein as the above example, but using the “Hurr Durr Awesome Face” as the source image.